Touring The Museum


Our spring bookings are closed to new inquiries because we have reached our capacity for public programs. This does not apply to UC Davis classes.

Contact Us About Outreach

For inquiries about outreach and events please send us an email at bmuseum@ucdavis.edu

Generally, we offer tours Tuesday-Thursday between the hours of 9:00 am-Noon and 1:00-4:30 pm. See the Google calendar below for reference, although it is not always going to be complete. Please contact us for current availability.   

Tell us what you had in mind, also include your location, group size, age, and dates/time of year when you were interested in our programs.

Generally, 25 people are the maximum number per tour. If the group is larger than this or there are multiple classes we can schedule back-to-back tours. We suggest a ratio of no more than 5 students to 1 chaperone on our tours. We understand that more parents may be needed as drivers. Extra chaperones are welcome to enjoy time in the nearby Arboretum or walk over to the coffee kiosk by King Hall (Law School).

Tours run 45-60 min long and involve a visit into the research collection (pinned insects) and time to experience live insects from our "petting zoo" of friendly, non-biting walking sticks and roaches. We have live tarantulas and black widows, but we don't handle them. Holding or touching insects is completely optional. We respect everyone's boundaries and expect visitors to respect each other's. We also ask that words like "eww," "ick," and "gross" be replaced with "curious" or "interesting."

For the 2023-2024 academic year, tours cost $5 per person including chaperones. Fees are waived for UC Davis classes, groups and clubs serving UC Davis students, staff or faculty. 

Tours can be paid with cash or a check made out to UC Regents with Bohart Museum of Entomology in the memo. A receipt will be issued. The EIN/W-9 tax number for UC Regents is 94-6036494