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Bohart Museum of Entomology
c/o Department of Entomology & Nematology
University of California
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616 ​
Walk-in hours are generally Tuesday-Thursday from 9 am-Noon and 1-4:30 pm. It is a good idea to call ahead. (We are closed to the public on Mondays and Fridays, but are at work focused on research). All groups need to schedule ahead. 
Research and university business are typically conducted Monday-Friday from 9:00 am-Noon and 1:00-5:00 pm. Please contact us if you need to access the collections.  
We are closed when the university is closed for major holidays. 

​General information, identification and research: (530) 752-0493
To schedule educational tours or borrow educational displays: (530) 754-0722

Meet our staff:



Jason Bond

Jason Bond, PhD

Museum Director & Professor
jbond@ucdavis.edu | Bond Lab website
I am a professor in the Department of Entomology and Nematology, who specializes the evolutionary diversification of terrestrial arthropods (spiders, millipedes, and tenebrionid beetles). Prior to joining the UC Davis faculty in 2018, I served as the Director of the Auburn University Museum of Natural History and Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences at Auburn University.



Tabatha Yang

Tabatha Yang

Education and Outreach Coordinator

I coordinate museum tours, classroom visits, special weekend hours, a summer camp program, and all our other outreach- anything that brings the public and science/scientists together. I collaborate with interns, undergraduates, staff, graduate students and faculty to accomplish all of this.



Brennen Dyer

Brennen Dyer

Curator & Collections Manager

I help maintain the collection and handle various projects around the museum. My interests are mainly buprestids (jewel beetles) and equipment design.


Graduate Students

Socrates Letana

Socrates Letana

Graduate Student

​I am working on the evolution and diversification of endoparasitic bot flies (Oestridae). My research interests include biology, taxonomy, systematics & biogeography of Diptera, and Southeast Asian biodiversity.




Fran Keller, PhD

Fran Keller, PhD

Museum Scientist & Assistant Professor at Folsom Lake College

Works on morphology and insect systematics specifically Tenebrionidae: Asidini. Also researches Bahamian insect diversity and the effects of isolation on Borrichia in the Bahamas.


Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith

Volunteer Research Associate

Jeff is a passionate Lepidopterist and a first class spreader of butterflies and moths.



Tom Zavortink, PhD

Tom Zavortink, PhD

Research Associate

I am interested in the systematics and biology associated with mosquitoes and solitary bees.




Lynn Kimsey, PhD

Lynn Kimsey, PhD

Retired Museum Director & Professor

My research focuses on the systematics and biodiversity of aculeate wasps, particularly in the families Chrysididae, Tiphiidae, Sphecidae and Crabronidae. I also work on urban and forensic entomology.


Collections Manager Steve Heydon

Steve Heydon, PhD

Retired Curator & Collections Manager

My research interest is the systematics of parasitic Hymenoptera and the Pteromalidae in particular.



Robbin Thorp, PhD

Robbin Thorp, PhD

Robbin passed away in the spring of 2019.

Biodiversity and systematics of bees (Apoidea).  Status and declines in bumble bee populations, especially Franklin’s Bumble Bee. Biodiversity of bees in agricultural landscapes and urban gardens. Systematics and pollen host specificity of bees in vernal pool ecosystems.