Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Services

Please contact us regarding the specifics of your situation.

Product Contamination
We do identifications of insect, mite and other arthropod remains, and provide information about life histories and possible sources of contamination, for the food, beverage and other industries.

Biotic Inventory
The museum research team can make faunistic surveys, with information about insects critical for land use decisions.

Forensically Important Flies
Our professional taxonomists make accurate, up-to-date identifications of carrion-feeding flies of forensic importance.

Expert Witness Testimony
Our experts provide legal testimony in their areas of expertise, including criminal forensic entomology, structural pests, product contamination, spider bites and stored product pests. Museum staff have more than 20 years of experience working with individuals suffering from skin parasites (insects, mites, ticks), spider bites or delusional parasitosis; physicians and family members.

Identification Services
Museum staff have more than 20 years of experience identifying insects, spiders and other invertebrates for the general public, researchers, companies, governmental agencies, etc...

Structural and Exotic Pests
Our experts identify and provide information about insect exotic pests. The museum and our experts are among the most important diagnostic resources on the West Coast.

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